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 Post subject: Surgeons must "tear apart" cornea with Intralase
PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 1:01 am 

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Researchers analyze femtosecond laser bubble morphology

The size and shape of femtosecond laser bubbles do not correlate with the energy applied, a study in eye bank eyes found.

Jared Schultz


?Probably you can work with energy levels much lower than you do currently, because the levels we are using right now just cause punctual disruption of the stroma, with tissue bridges remaining in between,? he told Ocular Surgery News in an interview. ?To open the dissection line, we still need to tear apart these structures.?

He said the researchers did an experimental series using power as high as 15 ?J, which created larger disruption bubbles but still did not yield a clear dissection line.

?You don?t gain better results by just going to a higher energy,? he said.

Dr. Vossmerbaeumer said that one shortcoming of the study was that it is difficult to measure the actual energy output of the laser source.

?On a research basis, it will be perhaps a question to know whether the machine really emits a 4 ?J pulse. It might be that one is a 3 ?J pulse and one is 5 ?J,? he said in the interview. ?The femtosecond laser pulses are known not to be perfectly stable, so they oscillate in the energy they emit. That?s important to keep in mind when looking at all these results.?


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 Post subject: And why are they doing this testing on humans?
PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:18 am 

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Seems more than a bit scary that they are having these sorts of discussions at a time when surgeries are being performed on humans. Stop experimenting on humans, corneal refractive surgeons, and give it a rest until you can get something right.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:12 pm 

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http://www.crstoday.com/PDF%20Articles/ ... 107_06.php

Nevertheless, some femtosecond users have experienced complications with an injury to the flap when attempting to lift it after an initial creation and when relifting it in preparation for a retreatment. The most important difference in flap creation/relifting between a microkeratome and a femtosecond laser is that the femtosecond laser leaves connecting tissue between the flap and the stromal bed, causing more stress and friction during the lifting. This trauma can also strain the flap's hinge (Figure 1).

Broken Eyes

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