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 Post subject: Ophthalmology - a profession of clamoring scum?
PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:33 am 

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Mark Johnson, M.D.

A profession of clamoring scum and anonymous splendor


Ophthalmology is in a time of seeming betrayal of its professionalism. There is a great and successful effort by a noisy and prominent group of physicians to cherry-pick their professional status. They want the admiration, status, and money that the profession delivers, but they do not want to meet and adhere to the obligations as well.

It's good to be a doctor when medicine offers a prestigious title, six-figure wealth, a remarkable degree of autonomy, and astounding degrees of power within offices, in hospitals, over fellow members of ancillary professions, and upon the lives and well-being of our patients.

These same "professionals" complain endlessly when society demands they respond to the needs of patients in emergency rooms, answer for the outcomes of their actions in malpractice courts and before medical boards, or justify through review the expenses they incur for third-party payers.

Like spoiled teenagers, they want all the privileges of society, but none of the obligations.

Ophthalmology has been helped and hurried upon the road to professional damnation. Courts of law have defined the practice of medicine as commerce, and prevented societies and boards from important areas of self-regulation. No standard of acceptable and professional advertising can be defined, and so the most vulgar and avaricious members of our profession set the standards our patients see in newspapers, on billboards, and on radio and television.

There can be no peer review in the present world without the danger of litigation, so we become afraid to point out the misbehavior of our fellows. Practice consultants ride into town like villainous plague-carriers, spreading the most greedy and lewd latest methods to attract patients, sell services, degrade our peers, and squeeze even more money out of our patient populations.

Throwaway journals seem devoted to making titans of the most avaricious and self-aggrandizing members of our profession. Each physician jostles forward, trying to be the loudest rooster to crow its own glory.

From "My 100,000-thousand-dollar day," to "My newest instrument named after me," to "How I see 200 patients a day" to the "My surgical institute," to "Two-minute surgeries," to the "Newest and greatest and best machine/medicine (that I have stock in) in the world," to "How I advertised and billed my way to my first million dollars!"

The parade of hucksters and snake-oil dealers is seemingly endless. Please understand, I don't envy you your wealth and fame. I merely despise the fact that people might mistake me for your peer.

Yet the fact is, like scum on water, this population of villains comprises only a tiny, yet exceedingly overexposed percentage of our profession. Thousands of honest, ethical, and well-intentioned ophthalmologists toil admirably on, in anonymous splendor.

I would like to meet one of those honest, ethical and well-intentioned ophthalmologists. Bet none of them do LASIK.

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"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." Plato

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