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Do you guys have a website about your bad lasik story?
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Author:  avoidlasik [ Sat Jul 29, 2006 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Do you guys have a website about your bad lasik story?

What needs to be done is spread the truth about lasik. Everyone who ever had anything to complain about lasik needs to make a website detailing their story and explaining clearly the damage lasik caused. There will be thousands upon thousands of websites and we can make a master website linking all those websites. People looking for lasik will be reading every bad lasik story, hundreds and hundreds of them, as many as they want to read to be convinced lasik is flawed.

If you havent yet spoken out about your failed, bad, flawed lasik, try to make the time to do so. Way too many people keep silent about it or only tell a few close friends. There arent enough bad lasik stories on the internet and most of them took place several years ago. I will help any of you who wishes to make your bad lasik story public so you can spread the word and help thousands(millions even!) make the right choice after being informed of the risks and flaws of lasik.

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