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How To Get Your Lasik Surgeon's License Suspended In 2006
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Author:  John [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  How To Get Your Lasik Surgeon's License Suspended In 2006

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FIRST AND FOREMOST: It is very important that if you suspect "medical negligence or error on the doctor's part" to right away contact a LAW FIRM THAT SPECIALIZES IN HANDLING ONLY THE PLAINTIFF SIDE OF LASIK MALPRACTICE.

SECOND AND SECONDMOST: Please make sure you get the lawsuit filed prior to the "STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS" running out in favor of the doctor. Did you know that if you do not file your legal case within 1-2 years of the date of the surgery, you can not? That is right, no lawyer out there will take on a case past the Statute of Limitations!! Period!!

THIRD AND THIRDMOST: If the doctor had (has) insurance at the TIME OF YOUR SURGERY, and you got to the lawyer before the Statute of Limitations ran out, then there is a 99% chance that every Med Mal lawyer in town will represent you. There is a 1% chance they will not: Answer: Conflict of interest, in that they already represent the doctor that you want to sue!!

Okay, how about some good news for a change? Wanna know how to get back at that louzy Lasik Ahole of calling himself a doctor in 2006? Wanna know how you can excercise your American Rights to really do the right thing and get the authorities after the Ahole who messed you up? The Answer: THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL REGULATION IS THE ONLY, I REPEAT, THE ONLY GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY THAT CAN BRING DOWN THE DOCTOR. The Better Business Bureau can only do something to the doctor if they are falsely advertising success rates like: "We have a 95% success rate..." The Attorney General does nothing. The FDA does nothing. The Dept. of Bus. & Prof. Regulation will take your complaint, pass it on to one of their "in house" investigators, then if they find potential wrong doing on the doctor, they will pass on to their "in house" MEDICAL COORDINATOR, who will make the decision to "suspend" the doctor's license...Especially if your doctor has a history of complaints and lawsuits as did the doctor who completely "messed me up" and "didn't know his foot from his hand" in performing "LASIK" on me back in 1999 and then again in 2000 (Nick Caro, who calls himself Dr. Nick Caro...he actually thinks he's a doctor). Lawyers in the Chicago area, think he's the worst doctor of all time so I hear...

Step One:
Contact the Department of Business & Professional Regulation in the state that the Lasik doctor is in. (Could be multiple states as well).

Step Two:
File a complaint via fax, online or over the phone with this department. Go online and search for your state's Dep't of Business & Prof. Regulation and contact them immediately.

Step Three:
If you do NOT take the time to file a complaint with the Dept of Business Regulation, you are hurting us all and future patients that this doctor will "destroy." Take action today and contact them.

Step Four:
Contact every single one of the Opthalmalogy Associations that the doctor may belong to and send them the same complaint. Keep copies of everything for future use: both email copies, word docs, and printed versions...for your records.

Hope this helps someone out there get ahead!!

PS-Here's a bonus. If your Ahole surgeon, doctor, or whomever tries to sue you as in my case and in many other cases where the doctor is pissed because the patient has excercised their American Rights to talk about this online as we are doing here, make sure, MAKE SURE, make sure that you have got a "INSURANCE LIABILITY POLICY WITH $1 MILLION EMBRELLA" attached to either your home policy, your auto, or a separate one entirely on you. This came in very handy when this Ahole of a person, Nick Caro, decided to sue me for "slander/libel" and now I have unlimited legal funds, and he has to pay some lawyer $250+ per hour to go after me. This was a very nice treat. And because he decided to go after me, a lawsuit that may have once been (i emphasize "may") barred by the Statue Of Limitations, is now NOT!! I can now counter claim back against him, and did you know that since he had insurance at the time of my initial surgeries back in 1999 and 2000, BUT HE DOESN'T NOW, that the lawyers can go back to those years and sue the insurance company? Good info for you guys here...

If you need "expert Lasik doctors" there is a list posted on a Lasik Website: www.LifeAfterLasik.com/expertwitness.htm
Oh, here's another great idea!! Find out the state website that lists legal cases online, goto that website or call them!! Put your doctors name in and search "defense doctor ______" and hit submit button. You can then publicize, on your website(s), all of the legal cases where patients like yourselves, took these doctor's to court!! This is public information. If they sued you about this, than they might as well sue the state too! NOT!!

One Last Tip For You:
Go online, type in the doctors name, city or state, and google search every possible way to find out information about this doctor as I did and post the "facts" on line... Own what potential other patients of this doctor may read and control that online. This way, you are more than getting back at the doctor's wrongdoing, and YOU will "win" in the end because you are severely impacting this doctor's POCKET BOOK!!

Contact the news stations, reporters, whomever...bad press is a huge blow to the "egos" and the "GOD complexes" that these surgeons have acquired. Give them a smack back down to the ground!!

Guys, go get em!! Make your point and use resources to your benefit!
After all, you suffer daily because of thes Aholes, and you need to put
your energy to good use as we are all doing on all of these Lasik Forums and Websites!!

God bless you all!!

John Doe

Author:  annemarie [ Sun Mar 05, 2006 1:29 am ]
Post subject: 

I recently contacted a Lawyer who won a LASIK lawsuit for a patient.

My statute of limitations was over but he said there is something called

the "DISCOVERY RULE" which over rules the 2 years statute of limitation.

However, I did not pursue it as the lawyer wanted $2500. just to review

my medical records with no guarantee he would take my case.

Author:  Eye [ Sun Mar 05, 2006 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Better than a lawsuit

Certain types of local and internet activism can actually be BETTER in some respects than a lawsuit because these activities get at the root of the problem, which is: 'doctors' perform surgeries on patients which harm every eye... WITHOUT properly conducted and accountable preclinical trials for FDA approval of the devices as they are used for these procedures, and WITHOUT proper informed consent.

What to do? One patient painted signs on their car with wedding paint and drives all over the community this way. Adding a yahoo e-mail address to the sign is a great idea so people who were also damaged at yours and other nearby clinics can reach you.

Speak out! Hang fliers in public places, tell every hairdresser in town, your dental hygenist, salespeople, clergymen, ANYBODY who is gossipy... so that word gets around locally.

As far as the internet is concerned, writing a complaint to a government agency such as the FDA or your state medical board and then posting the complaint on the internet is VERY effective as it names your doctor, airs your grievance and warns other prospective patients.

Try looking around for a lawyer who will take you on contingency. If you can't find one, consider talking to a lawyer about suing your doctor in small claims court for the maximum allowable amount. This will allow you to sue your doctor without having to find an expert witness. You will also be able to publish the lawsuit on the internet.

When you publish a legal document on the internet, spend the time to transcribe it to HTML so that it is search-engine friendly. Don't put up a PDF or a scanned image as nobody will find these in a key word search!

Annemarie, don't let what happened to you make you feel powerless.
By the way, what was the situation with your outcome?

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