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 Post subject: First normal functional vision after 12 years with Macrolens
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:42 pm 

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I just returned from Dr Gemoules in Dallas one weak ago, who fitted me with Macrolenses after I had almost given up all hope!
My eye nightmare began 12 years ago when I had Prk in Stuttgart, Germany on an form fruste keratoconus. This should have never happend! I was ? 2 on both eyes before and the result was very good vision but constant ciliary muscle spasms which drove me crazy. I couldn?t focus my eyes on anything without the image zooming in and out of focus. This was so painful that the only relief I had was to close my eyes as much as possible. Later I found that using atropine was sometimes of help to paralyse the eye muscles, but then my pupil was dilated and i was blinded by light and i couldn?t accomodate. I coped and continued my studies at that time by using the drops, sunglasses and reading glasses. I went to see a famous eye surgeon in Dresden, Germany who confirmed the keratoconus pre-op and told me that the ablations on the topographies were decentred. He performed Prk?s to try to correct this. Without success. At that time he had never heard of the muscle pain symtoms that I had. I tried about 10 pairs of normal RGP?s but couldn?t tolerate them at all. I had a epikeratophakia done, were a cornea is stiched onto your eye, this wasn?t helpful. After long years of suffering I chose to have transplants done. This was a very hard decision, but I couldn?t continue to live like this. They were performed in Munich and were succesful in the way that there were no rejections and the grafts were clear. However on both the resulting irregular astigmatism was unbearable. I suffered from triple vision, fusion problems, headaches and still from muscle spasms. I tried Scleral Lenses with 2 diffrent specialists in London. However they tended to fog up after 2 hours and they didn?t give me good vision. They were also to enourmous to get used to. I tried Mini Sclerals in Holland were the vision was better but my eyes were always red. All this led me to decide to persue more surgery. I had several wavefront prk?s done in London to reduce the irregularities. This was succesful in a way that after every operation I felt a bit better, however it wasn?t enough. Not wanting to risk any more since my corneas were getting too thin I heard of Dr Gemoules and the Macrolens on lasermyeye.org. And the great news is that they really help! They are the size of a soft lens but in RGP material. So the don?t move up and down your cornea like normal RGP?s, what I could never tolerate. They are hardly noticable. The comfort is amazing. They have reduced my higher order aberration by 75% resulting in no more spasms! I can wear them the whole day and my eyes arn?t red. The vision is very good. I can not tell you how much I?m greatful to Dr Gemoules and his assistant Kim Morris in helping me. There commitment to helping people who are suffering like me is incredible. In fact the assistant Kim Morris had a similar problem then me and was also helped by macrolenses. These lenses are custom made and and I was told that I?m now profiting from an enlarged optical zone which helps night vision problems.
I want to tell those out there who are still suffering like I was that there will always be solutions and as technology advances and maybe wavefront contact lenses develop the options will be even better! Never give up, please, i?ve been in the situation were I thought there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there always is!
Best regards,

 Post subject: Wonderful news from MarcS
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 4:07 pm 

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Hi Marc -

That's a terrific story and it is wonderful that you finally found something that works for you. Some of the patients we know were not helped by macrolenses... it seems the type of lens that works best varies from case to case. Seems that the best strategy is to keep trying to find YOUR best solution, which it sounds like you have!

Congratulations... have you considered buying a 'spare' pair in case something happens to one of your lenses?

Now that you have transplants do you have eye pain and/or dry eye?

How many hours can you comfortably wear your macrolenses?

Do you have 'spectacle blur' or blurry vision after you wear your lenses that makes your vision with glasses even worse?

Thanks and congratulations again!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 1:23 am 

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Hi Marc,

Congratulations on your success with macros! :)

Unbelievable that your ordeal started with just 2 diopters of myopia. For those of us over 40, -2D of myopia (without induced irregular astigmatism) would be a blessing!

Broken Eyes

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