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 Post subject: Patient story, one woman's post-LASIK dry eye experience
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 9:29 pm 

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Like many others, I was told by the staff at my Lasik surgeon?s office that I was the ?perfect candidate? for the procedure. I bought into everything they told me since one of my friends from work, who was several years older than me, had PRK done by the same surgeon and came through it with flying colors (and is still very happy with the results after several years). I was told that the Lasik procedure was even more ?state of the art? than PRK, and I was only too willing to sign all of the forms and get the procedure scheduled. I don?t think the consent form listed dry eye as a possible problem after the surgery, but I can?t be sure since I was never given a copy, and I honestly don?t remember since I signed so many papers.

I had some dryness prior to the surgery, but it wasn?t anything significant?I never had to use drops of any kind, but occasionally it felt like there was ?something in my eye,? but I could never find anything. I wasn?t able to wear contacts anymore since they weren?t comfortable, so I thought the surgery would be the perfect remedy. Anyway, I had the surgery on August 22, 2001. It was all a downward spiral after that. The burning was the worst part. After repeated visits to my surgeon?s office for help and getting nowhere, I contacted another ophthalmologist and was able to get some treatment that helped. Through the years after the surgery, I have tried Cyclosporine, numerous OTC drops, ointments and gels, hot compresses, massaging of the eyelids, upper & lower plugs, Doxycycline, Restasis, eye vitamins, etc., etc. Some things were beneficial and others weren?t. I?m still struggling, and am constantly on the lookout for new drugs coming out on the market that may help me.

Luckily, my eyesight didn?t suffer too much. It fluctuates from 20/20 to 20/30 (they tell me), but it?s not really that sharp. I can see well enough to function at work during the day (with reading glasses) and to drive, but I don?t venture far from home at night; I?m not confident enough. Working on the computer is becoming very tough. My eyes burn and hurt, and I?ve been getting headaches that jump from one eye to the other. I can?t imagine this condition getting worse?I?m very close to menopause, and I?ve heard that the body loses significant moisture at that time in one?s life. Praying helps me get through the really rough times.

So that?s about it, in a nutshell. I check websites often just to see if there is anything new, and I enjoy reading the different posts. I am so thankful for Dr. Holly?s drops?they are better than any other drops on the market that I have tried, but are not a solution to my problem. I know he is working on a new formulation called Heluran, but I haven?t heard anymore about it?have you? I?m hoping that more formulations are being worked on to help us?I guess that?s the top priority for me right now. Living like this is ?hell,? but I keep telling myself that things can always be worse.

You may use any portion of this message for your article. However, at this point in time, I would rather do it anonymously if you don?t mind. Maybe sometime down the road I?ll be a little more assertive about speaking out! Thank you for letting me relate my experience?hopefully, what you are doing will open people?s eyes to the possible devastating consequences of the surgery. I only hope that people like us who have already had the surgery and are trying to cope with the outcome aren?t forgotten, and that work is being done to help us.

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