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Study finds total nerve recovery may never occur after LASIK
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Author:  Broken Eyes [ Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Study finds total nerve recovery may never occur after LASIK

Dry Eye and Corneal Sensitivity After High Myopic LASIK

Journal of Refractive Surgery Vol. 23 No. 4 April 2007

Ilpo S. Tuisku, MD; Nina Lindbohm, MD, PhD; Steven E. Wilson, MD, PhD; Timo M. Tervo, MD, PhD

However, patients subjected to LASIK surgery often report dry eye symptoms postoperatively, and tear fluid abnormalities have often been reported. 4-7 These symptoms represent the most common adverse effect of LASIK surgery3 and are supposed to be associated with severing of the corneal nerves in LASIK surgery. The lamellar incision made with the microkeratome to create the flap cuts the nerve fiber bundles of the superficial stroma and the subbasal nerve plexus at the flap. Nerve fiber bundles in the corneal bed located in the middle third of the stroma are spared but suffer a variable degree of injury during photoablation.

On the other hand, confocal microscopy studies have shown that morphological recovery of corneal innervation may take even longer
than 12 months or total nerve recovery may never occur after LASIK.

The majority of patients (55%) reported dry eye symptoms when they were asked a simple question: do you have dry eyes?

Corneal sensitivity is mediated by stromal nerves originating from the long ciliary nerves that penetrate the cornea and run forward in a radial fashion toward the center of the cornea. They form a network of nerves called the subbasal nerve plexus.25-27 Intact innervation is mandatory for normal corneal function. Ocular surface, lacrimal glands, and interconnecting nerves form a functional unit. A compromise in one portion of this reflex arch may result in ocular surface disease.

Patients should be informed of the possibility of developing chronic dry eye symptoms especially after deep ablations. In severe cases of disabling chronic pain after LASIK, when conventional therapeutic possibilities do not offer relief, consultation of a physician specialized in treating pain is recommended.

The patients in this study had LASIK 2 to 5 years previously. Ignore the lies of fake patient advocates and LASIK surgeons who say LASIK dry eye resolves in six months.

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