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 Post subject: Crystalens Horror Stories/Crystalens With Lasik Horror
PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:13 pm 

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I am 67 yr.old, female who does landscape design for a living which entails drafting down to 1/16 of an inch. I had a Crystalens implanted in the left eye 15 days ago and have severe negative dysphotopsia. Constant flickering and shadowing on the temporal side. It has abated just slightly. Given the sudden, unexpected and severe symptoms, I immediately cancelled the surgery for the right eye. My unoperated hazy, yellow filtered cataract eye is now my good eye. The upcharge for my now miserable left eye was $2, 450. I have consulted a second eye specialist who has advised me to wait unitl 4 weeks post op to see if the dysphotopsia resolves on its own. If it does not he recommended a lens exchange to be done at no more than 5 to six weeks post op. After that the risks are too great as the haptic on this type of lens fibrosis into position and removal is very difficult. I know this much. I will not under any circumstances have any type of accomodating lens placed in the right eye. I'll stick to the ordinary, no extra charge type of monofocal lens. Unless my negative dysphotopsia symptoms are reduced by 95% at 4 weeks post op for the crystalens eye, I'm getting a lens exchange for the standard monofocal lens. In searching the net for scientific peer reviewed studies in opthalmolgy journals on negative dysphotopsia I found that there is a high incidence of this. In one study it was estimated that 15% of all accomodating lens patients expericnce this and for 3% of those patients it becomes permanent. What the heck? Where is the FDA on this? They approve these things before they enter the market. Once I get my situation corrected and fully under control I will contact the FDA. There needs to be forced reporting of the incidence and outcomes. Bausch & lomb.and the other accomodating IOL manufacturers are obviously keeping this problem hidden.
9th of Feb, 2013 by Judybroo

I totally agree. My two lenses (both eyes & crystalens) did not accomodate properly. When I complained that my far vision was gone and I wanted monocular lens put in as a replacement, (There was plenty of time) my doctor talked me in to waiting promising me correction and lasik surgery to make them focus properly. I agreed and am massively disatisfied. Imagine my surprise when I went to renew my driver's license and the eye test totally confounded. They ask you to look into a box and read the letters to them. I did what they said and then they asked what about the letters on the right? I could only see the left side of the screen with both eyes. I did not even know there were more letters on the right. I closed my left eye and saw faint images. I could not see them well enough to identify them So made some guesses and they said good enough. If they had not been accomodating and did not care that I couldn't complete the test, I may have not gotten the license. I have an appointment (it is a year later) with another eye surgeon next month but I don't expect any good results. The lawyers say I can not sue the doctor unless he made a mistake. It was my mistake that I trusted him. The people to sue are the ones who made these lens, BAUSCH & LOMB, I did jnot expect perfection, (that's what the doctor said) but I did not expect my vision to be worse after surgery for cataracts.
4th of Apr, 2013 by CRYSTALENS SCUMBAGS

CRYSTALENS /// JUST SAY NO !!! is a rip from the start. Bosch & Lomb knows it and so does the FDA. Bosch & Lomb will just ignore you and most states now protect doctors from lawsuits as they require an expert doctor in the same field to claim malpractice. This is our justice system allowing the buddy system doctors to now be "judges" and "judges" of their own industry.. Your suit will go nowhere because you now do not have the right to bring action in a court, because you will not make it past the expert doctor's statement you need to proceed in court. I was screwed by several, I have 20/400 vision R eye since 2009. Ever since the next morning after surgery. I always had 20/20 aside from a cataract.
TO ALL OUT THERE!!! JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE AND GET A BASIC LENS!!! USE GLASSES FOR CLOSE AND GET USED TO IT. AT LEAST YOU WILL HAVE SOME DECENT VISION. Soooo much can go wrong trying to fix this including LASIK which is much like the liar scumbags who do Crystalens!
4th of Apr, 2013 by CRYSTALENS SCUMBAGS

4th of Apr, 2013 by Judybroo

I have just purchased a year and three months later to my replacement with the crystalens two new pairs of glasses. A new pair of reading glasses, and a pair that allows me to drive at night without glare interfering with my vision. I had previously bought reading glasses from the same location that I had the surgical procedure. They did not fit well, did not maintain their shape and were always falling off my nose. Of course they cost $600. I made the mistake of not getting bifocals. So I had to park them lower on my nose in order to see ahead. I am in three choirs. One of the things one must be able to do is to look up from your music to see the director. I couldn't with those reading glasses. They were rimless, I had another pair previously and had never had a problem with their fitting, but they couldn't put their lenses in my old frames. The flimsy piece of S__T broke when I was carrying them in my hand. They were fixable but I had had it so I returned them to the office that had provided them. Then I went to another opthalmologist who said he did not use the Bosch & Lomb lens. He was sorry for me and could not replace the implants. In essence he prescribed me glasses that would equalize the vision in both eyes so I could drive at night. I filled the prescription for about $130. I then went to a Costco optometrist and they made me reading glasses with a bifocal. This time I used frames that I already owned, so they only charged me for the exam and the lenses. So, I'm all fixed with glasses that counteract the effect of the crystalens. Great.
21st of May, 2013 by JAFT

I am beginning to agree with everyone else!. I thought things were going to be great. I never have had the halos, thank goodness. However, I cannot see Street signs until I am only about 30 feet in front of the sign. Even the Big street signs are difficult to see. I wake up almost every morning and my eyes are pink, and swollen. The Doc says it's caused by dry eye. I am starting to feel that the Crystalens is another way for the Eye Dr. to make big money since they get paid almost nothing from insurance and medicare. I have been back twice and he keeps saying my vision on the right side (distance) isn't perfect and that he gave me a prescription for glasses for now and we will reevaluate in the fall. Very disappointed. And the person who mentioned that sometimes the vision fluctuates from no vision to good vision if she moves her eyes around...I can relate to that. Dr. said it's dry eye!
30th of May, 2013 by TPFMB1113

I had Crystalens implanted in both eyes 15 months ago. Like all the others I was told I was a good candidate for them even though I was born with deficient vison and started wearing glasses at age 6. My eye muscles have never worked well on their own. Yet I "was a good candidate" I paid $6, 000 because my insurance would not pay anything on the lens if I chose anything other than the standard. My distance vision is fair, mid range ok, near vision requires reading glasses. I have gone back repeatedly and they keep trying to make this failure my fault. I have written to Bausch & Lomb to no avail. The doctor's office even tried to say I had a pre -existing condition of dry eyes. I do not have nor have I ever had dry eyes. Prior to getting the surgery I wore rigid gas permeable contacts. That would not have been possible if I had dry eyes. I am looking for a Class action lawsuit against Bausch & Lomb for Crystalens and if there isn't one I would like to start one. Any lawyers out there?
30th of May, 2013 by Jacqueline P DiCrasto

I had the crystalens done 3 years ago because I wanted something better for my eyes, 6 months after my distance vision was like it was before the crystalens, now 3 years later I cannot go out on a sunny day even with sunglasses, the sun bothers my eyes so bad I have to keep closing then, I am an active person, driving here and everywhere. I complained to Bausch & Lomb over a year ago, all they say is nothing wrong with the crystalens, I think there is strength in numbers, everyone who has had a problem with the crystalens should form a group and then we can get together and bring a suit against the maker and the Doctors make you believe this is the best thing out there. If we try to do alone it is hard to prove. I will back to this site to see if we have a number of people who agree with me.Jackie

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