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 Post subject: Under Investigation By Dept of Regulation: Nicholas C Caro
PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 6:01 am 

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Be very careful about a Dr Nick Caro, Doctor Nicholas C Caro, Dr Nicholas Charles Caro and Saint George Corrective Vision Center out of Chicago IL...

My eyesight and many other patients probably into the hundreds, has been ruined by this facility and this doctor because they did NOT properly screen myself nor many hundreds of others who felt "lied to, robbed, and cheated" out of their life to see because of what I believe drove them to commit what I would call "eye crimes" because they in my opinion seemed more interested in making money than in properly screening patients...

We are all very unhappy with the "lack of consent and lies" that we have received from this facility and want to spread the word so you know that this is truly NOT a safe facility to goto if you are deciding to have Lasik in the Chicago area...

First reason they are unsafe to goto:
They have over 50+ lawsuits from very unhappy patients including me and have no insurance, and have had a "seized laser" taken from them by US Marshalls (fully armed) raiding their facility hired by the FDA and Nick Caro had his laser confiscated by the FDA because it was NOT safe to use on patients and the FDA warned them with the following letter, but they didn't listen nor seem to care about the safety of their patients!


Second reason they are unsafe to goto:
They have NO insurance. None, zip! No A+ rated insurance company would insure a Nick Caro or St George with such a horrendous, horrific track record as they truly have...they might indeed be the worst track record of all doctors in the world, and/or in the Lasik world...

Third reason they are unsafe to goto:
They are under a huge investigation because so many patients have had complaints, 50+ lawsuits, that the Department of Regulation in Illinois is investigating them going back 10 years to show a consistent history of problems and complaints... If you do need to SUE them, if there is no insurance policy attached, unfortunately no attorney will want your case on a contingency...period, bottom line! Be very careful with this facility and do your homework online...type in names on Google and see what comes up: lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits!

Fourth reason they are unsafe to goto:
They probably won't be in business this time next year 2007...In fact, many of the other Ophthalmologist that I have spoken to would like to see them out of business because they have told me that the St George Vision Center and Dr Nick C Caro has given Lasik a terrible name, has set a terrible reputation for Lasik, is NOT respected or liked by many businesses & people in the Chicago area, and all seem to say the same thing in that Nick Caro is NOT a respectable person nor a professional doctor and that this clinic has not done the right thing for the community...

You doubt this to be true? Call 5-10 Lasik doctors out of the Chicago area, go see them in person and ask them about Nick Caro or St George Vision Center? ...and you will discover the truth!

Be very, very careful about "electing Lasik" for there are many problems associated with it, see the following and decide for yourself:

#1: Lasik Flap never heals...ask the doctors about this!
#2: Lasik Flap cut by razor blade creates 20-40% permanent nerve damage to your eye!
#3: Lasik Flaps are having many problems because many doctors are "re-using" blades and in some cases diseases have spread through patients eyes to anothers...
#4: There are known long term effects caused by Lasik that the doctors just are not talking about because they want your $$$$...[/u]

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