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 Post subject: My Eyes Are Ruined Thanks To St George Vision & Dr Nick
PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:05 pm 

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My Eyes Are Ruined Thanks To St George Vision & Dr Nick Caro

My life, now a visual hell, has been destroyed by Saint George Corrective Vision Center out of Chicago, IL. The medical director, Nicholas C Caro, told me I was at no risk and that I would be thanking him and that I would love Lasik!

This was almost 7 years ago, when I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago to make sure that I was going with a Lasik Doctor that was going to perform Lasik flawlessly...Unfortunately, from day one it was a disaster. My eyes didn't take to the procedure and for the first year I would look out of hazy, blurred, permanently altered for the worse eyes...

I couldn't even make out the E on the eye chart, it was so blurred and distorted. Worse yet, Dr Caro and my follow up Dr, Dr Pannu, both held the same story in telling me (which I will say in my opinion, LYING to me) in that it could take my eyes up to 7 years to fully heal. Unfortunately, this poses a problem when 2 of the doctors seeing you concur on the same thing, so you believe them. No one came out to tell me that there were short, de-centered flaps created, nor did they come out to inform me as they should have if they call themselves Doctors, about the entire outer ring that was never even treated that I still see -6 out of! Worse yet, the Statute of Limitations runs out 24 months from the time of the procedure, so when you put two and two together, you find out that you are too late to sue the very people that "lied" to you and "destroyed" you.

So imagine this, you pay money and travel out of your state to insure good to perfect results. You pay the doctor and do everything that you are supposed to do. You then have problems from day one and are lied to by being told it's your eyes when in reality the doctor made several big mistakes. Then the follow up doctor you goto says the same things and keeps the lies going. Then by the time you find a website like this, so that you can figure out what really happened because there are so many lying and dishonest doctors out there, that it is too late to sue! How's that!

Lies, lies, lies!! If you would like to get Lasik and permanently alter your eyes, that is your decision. There are tons of other procedures that are reversible, unlike Lasik, that do NOT create a flap that you could check into. Do your homework and hopefully you will make the best decision for your needs and your health!

I wish you well...

Below are some websites for checking out what doctors won't tell you:


Do your homework! Ask yourself why most of the best of the best of doctors are NO LONGER PERFORMING LASIK, especially in Europe who is way ahead of the United States...

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