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Dr. Alan Carlson, MD intentionally harms patient?
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Author:  Scientist [ Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Dr. Alan Carlson, MD intentionally harms patient?

Dr. Alan Carlson, MD knew exactly what he was doing when he damaged
a young man's eyes?

I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with a young man with 8.5mm pupils who recently had a 6.5mm ablation at Duke. After my LASIK disaster 3 years ago I was waiting to see the same doctor who botched my lunch companion, Dr. Alan Carlson, MD. I met a patient in the waiting room from another LASIK center who had large pupils and came to Duke for a 2nd opinion with Dr. Alan Carlson, MD. This patient told me that Dr. Alan Carlson, MD informed him that he had post-LASIK vision problems because his pupils were too large. And my pupils are 8.17 with a 5.5mm wide effective optical zone due to astigmatism correction with a 6.5mm ablation. Nice, huh? There is totally uncorrected tissue within my scotopic pupil area.

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