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 Post subject: Will a Lasik Doctor Inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:04 pm 

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If God was to have lasik, and had been lied to by his lasik doc, what do you think God would say to every lasik surgeon?

First, all Lasik Doctors, all doctors, swear the "HIPPOCRATIC OATH," to do NO harm...This oath also entails them to give full known disclosure of informing each and everyone of their patients of the following:

1. Known problems caused by Lasik.
2. Unknown prolbems as a result of Lasik.
3. To give each and every patient "full informed consent."
4. To not sue a patient, but to do NO HARM.
5. To not lie, cheat and steal from a patient.
6. To not ruin a patient's life from having ruining their vision.
7. To not make money off of other's misery, in this case it's the hurt lasik patient who suffers daily, while the rich lasik doctor's family enjoys perfect vision and royalties, private schools, fancy cars, credit cars for the wife's spending habits, etc...while the patient suffers into depression or becomes suicidal.
8. Every lasik doctor is guilty of "not telling each and every patient about the seriousness of DRY EYE SYNDROME & HOW EACH AND EVERY FLAP IS SCARRING THE CORNEA FOR LIFE, NEVER TO HEAL, nor do they mention that 98% of the inner cornea's flap strength is GONE FOREVER, while 80% of the outer periphery's strength of the flap is gone forever.
9. Lasik doctors would rather sue a patient than admit fault.
10.Lasik insurance companies, those that insure the evil lasik doctors, even have a clause within their policies stating that if a lasik doctor admits fault, that the insurance company "WILL NOT COVER THEIR LAWSUIT."

I have some recommendation for all Lasik Docs that want to actually look themselves in their mirrors for what they have become, and that is:

1. Go rent: "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." and see if you are in control of your own soul, or is the industry and money in control of your soul.

2. Remember that humans have "freedom of speech and free will," and that it is just a matter of time until one of the patients that you have ruined will take some form of WRATH on each of you, your clinic, and your families...History will repeat itself. I am absilutely surprised that we have not heard on the news that this hasn't yet happened. This is absolutely mind boggling! This is in NO WAY meant to be a threat, this is just conversational that "hundred's of hurt lasik patients have all mentioned that they are all surprised that NO ONE has been on the news for having done to the lasik doctor what the lasik doctor did to them..."

3. Soul/Ethics/Integrity check Lasik Docs: What do you place more value on?

A. A human being's vision, filled with beautiful colors, honeymoon memories, great stories of trips and beautiful vacations and sunsets, filled with love, and absolute clarity of vision?


B. Your own financial gain no matter what the cost, no matter what you or your sales staff has to say to get the patients to say "YES, HERE IS MY CREDIT CARD FOR $4,000 A POP!" What have you turned into? What are you training and teaching your staff to be? Where are you going after this life? I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror and remember way back to the last time you had a soul that wasn't focused on MONEY, and put PEOPLE BEFORE MONEY?

Anyway, if you took the time to read this Lasik Doc, you are probably livid because THIS MESSAGE HAS GOTTEN INTO YOUR SOUL! Maybe now you can have a "heart to heart with God, and figure out how to get your SOUL back, or you can keep slicing and dicing eyeballs leaving permanent flaps that never heal (and of course, not mention this small detail to each and every eyeballed patient) while you continue to prepare you, your staff, and your families for a lifetime after this lifetime in HELL...

Think seriously about what you all have become and the example you are leaving to your peers and family members...Being rich, at the expense of lying to all of your patients, will NOT get you into HEAVEN!!

Doubt this, go to any priest and ask them what they would say!!

Sooner or later, Karma will come around and give you a taste of what you have been doing for so long to others all for greed, your own gain, and money for your own use at the expense of your patients!


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