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 Post subject: Will a hurt lasik patient take Wrath on his lasik doc?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 9:31 pm 

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I have been asked this question maybe a hundred times by fellow hurt lasik patients that were lied to by their LASIK doctors, had lives ruined by their LASIK doctors, divorces created by their LASIK doctors, income came to an end from visual damage caused by their LASIK doctors...

And the same question comes up time and time again:


I look forward to the day, as I will APPLAUD, the person(s) that send a message back to the LASIK Industry that "IT IS NOT OKAY, TO RUIN SOMEONE'S VISION, LIE ABOUT IT, SUE AND TRY TO INTIMIDATE THEM, AND THEN LIE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN while the AMA and other ACRS Bullshit boards protect the evil LASIK doctor, and try to "intimidate the hurt victimized patients."

So, why haven't we heard of this and does it happen, and has it happend yet? I'm not sure why not quite honestly. I know of a Dr. Glenn Kawesh in Beverly Hills who did have about 60+ lawsuits and just last month, March 2008, he died of a "supposed HEART ATTACK" while vacationing in Mexico at the age of like 43...

Was there "foul play?" I don't know. I would have rather have heard that the news had said: "Pissed-off lasik patient kills LASIK Doctor for what they have done to ruin a human being's vision, then lying about it, and the follow-up LASIK Docs lied about it to protect "the system" etc..."

I am sure with the amount of people having problems, and then being lied to, that finally when they actually figure out to go online and GOOGLE search: post LASIK problems OR lying LASIK doctors, they will see (no pun intended) a whole new world of honesty and truth open up to them, because you sure as heck are NOT going to see it on the news...

And when that person named "BUBBA," who is a strong man of 325 pounds, benches 500 pounds, finally figures out what happened to him and the lies told to him by his scrawny LASIK Surgeon and their staff (who have been lying to him for the past 3 years, to try to "PUSH HIM OUT BECAUSE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IS TICKING AWAY ON HIS TIMEFRAME TO SUE THE SURGEON'S ASS & THE SURGEON'S STAFF)," he is going to be one pissed off m.... f.....r!!

I look forward to the nightly news when Katie Courec tells about the conspiracy story called LASIK, and goes through the entire bullshit process of how these LASIK Doctors RIP OFF PATIENT AFTER PATIENT AFTER PATIENT, how they literally DESTROY LIVES ALL FOR THEIR OWN FINANCIAL GAIN, and exposes these BULLSHIT LASIK advocacy services that charge the doctors fees to pass them HURT LASIK PATIENT LEADS...when the hurt patient should be directed out of this corrupt country that has lost it's soul, has a bullshit FDA in place that is controlled by big business; woe that the patient will only get the "correct and needed" treatment overseas when the patient probably has just one shot at getting corrected!

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