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 Post subject: Dr. Daniel S. Durrie yells at patient for his own failure
PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:12 am 

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LASIK surgeon Dr. Dan Durrie was responsible for taking a proper history and providing a thorough exam for any condition that may make this patient a poor candidtate for LASIK. LASIK surgeon Dr. Daniel S. Durrie did not take a proper history and do a thorough enough exam to come up with the proper diagnosis of lattice degeneration of the retina, with disastrous consequences for the patient's vision. The patient suffers from both post-LASIK retinal damage AND post-LASIK dry eye. This patient's visual quality has taken a serious hit at the hand of LASIK surgeon Dr. Daniel S. Durrie. Here is the patient's story about Dr. Daniel S. Durrie:

"In the beginning, Durrie yelled at me for not notifying him earlier about the lattice degeneration. After the visit, he acted like my eyes were good. I went & looked at my records from his office, and he did a retinal exam, but not very thorough though. My father has lattice degeneration, and Dr. Durrie should have known that I might have this condition. From examination, he should have known that I have football shaped eyes which can result in lattice degeneration. I was thinking of suing him for all of this mess, but the defense would say that it's just my body reacting to the surgery and that not everybody reacts the same way. I also have not kept any diaries of my symptoms. As a patient, I feel that I was not getting sufficient information from him. I had to learn from a Biochem. professor that LASIK may have made my lattice degeneration worse. In addition to the dry eye problem, I have GI & gynecological problems. I am horrified to see such lack of professionalism by him, the supposed "No. 1 eye surgeon in the K.C. area." His office clearly knows that I will not be coming back to see him. I am planning to go to Johns Hopkins to be thoroughly tested to see what is indeed wrong with my eyes. The eye doctor that I'm currently seeing says that dry eyes can be caused by many factors. In the end, I have learned my lesson in that I should have done some thorough research before committing to a serious procedure that could affect the rest of my life. Thank you very much for your support & for listening to my story. My graduate advisor knows the pain that I'm in and knows that I want to change the system. My degree will help me educate the public about jerks like Durrie. I don't want what happened to me to happen to someone else."

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