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 Post subject: Dr. William Trattler is confused - residual vs. induced?
PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:57 am 

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Look what Dr. William Trattler is telling patients on asklasikdocs.com NOW!
He told a patient who had his astigmatism dramatically increased by LASIK that he may have 'residual' refractive error'! Read the patient's story and Dr. Trattler's response below:


"HELP!!! Induced Astigmatism Along Same Axes"
Posted by Daniel - Singapore, LA on 06:18:05 2/07/2006

Dear Dr,
I had my LASIK on 5th Dec 2005. Today's 7 Feb 2006. But my vision has no significant improvement at all. I was operated on a NIDEK EC5000 WaveScan Machine. My original prescription is -12(RE) and -13 dioptres (LE), with Astigmatism less than -0.50 dioptre and another about -0.75, on different axes.
I was told by the surgeon post-op, that the machine did not correct the astigmatism in one of my eyes because its below -0.50 dioptres.

However, after the operation, I am wearing specs with prescription about -2.00 dioptres each eye and Astigmatism -2.00, axis 60 degrees. Both eyes have astigmatism along the same angle. Do u think it could tell a story? I did both eyes one after another, on the same day.

Astigmatism induced from LASIK op won't be this high right, when i was formally have less than -1.00 dioptres along different axes for both eyes. The surgeon didn't want to hand me my medical report. Besides that, i am have starbursts and lots of glare, esp in movie theatres and on the roads at night. This is really ridiculous, to think that i paid a lot for this operation.

I would really appreciate some kind advice from you guys. I am worried, scared and have lost weight over this.I really can't concentrate on my daily life activities.

Anyone with similar experience, esp when the astigmatism "induced" is along the same axes for both eyes. Both eyes were done on the same day, one after another.

Your HELP is most appreciated.

Lost and Devastated.
1. "second opinion"
Posted by William B. Trattler, MD on 08:38:06 2/07/2006

No reason to be scared. You should first get a second opinion. You may have just residual refractive error that would respond to a second procedure.
Keep us posted on the findings from your second opinion doctor.
Best regards

Bill Trattler MD
Miami, FL

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 1:14 pm 

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This is outrageous! Do these idiot surgeons even know what the word "RESIDUAL" means? It means "leftover", "remainder". I think they like to use the word "residual" because that's easier for them than admitting that they made the patient's vision worse by INDUCING astigmatism.

This patient had very little chance of a good result due to the high level of myopia. I'm surprised anyone is even treating that level of myopia with LASIK anymore. It's no wonder he is complaining of poor vision in dim light. I would love to see his topography. He probably has a very small effective optical zone.

And another thing, he said he was treated with "NIDEK EC5000 WaveScan". NIDEK does not have an FDA approved wavefront platform. Wavescan is the VISX aberrometer. NIDEK's is called OPD-Scan. Sounds like he was misinformed.


"What concerns me is that if the person informing the patient is themselves poorly or inaccurately informed then how on earth can consent ever be truly informed?" Dr. Sarah Smith

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