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 Post subject: William Trattler advises post-refractive about glare???
PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:35 pm 

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Dr. William Trattler! Shame on you! The glare that patients experience after refractive surgery is from all of those distortions that you LASIK surgeons induce in their corneas! Not a little residual astigmatism or myopia! Most of us have had a little myopia and astigmatism for most of our lives... we didn't have GLARE from it. By the way, don't you mean Starbursts and halos? Please define GLARE!

2. "Glare"
Posted by William B. Trattler, MD on 18:15:35 2/02/2006


Glare is usually caused by residual refractive error - like mild astigmatism or myopia. It is not typically caused by haze. A refraction should help.
Who was your surgeon?

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Bill Trattler, MD
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 3:06 am 

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My 2 cents worth...

In a regular post-LASIK eye with NORMAL or SMALL pupils, residual refractive error and astigmatism will cause starbursts, but certainly not the kind that we large pupil patients see! Huge, huge difference. How do I know this? Simple. I regressed and have low myopia with astigmatism. In the morning when I first wake up (it's always still dark when I get up), my pupils don't "wake up" (dilate) or respond until I get up out of bed and start moving around, or until I start turning lights on. For a minute or two, I can lay in bed and look around the room in the dark without my glasses and see just a soft smudge, like a tiny starburst, around LED lights and the numbers on the digital clock. That's from the myopia and astigmatism, not from my pupil size. If I put on my glasses, it's gone. The same thing happens if I use Alphagan and take my glasses off. That's the kind of "glare" he might be referring to. But you're right, he's misusing the term. And he's not the only one. All LASIK surgeons call it glare, even though it's not glare at all. "Glare", "glare disability". They are using a term that to the rest of the world means "an intense, blinding light". Those ugly starbursts and halos don't hurt your eyes like true glare. They hurt your soul, but not your eyes. Now, when I get up and start moving around and turning lights on, my pupils begin to respond. Once this occurs, I can turn the light off and look at those same LED lights and the digital clock and now they have massive starbursts and halos and ghosts. They call this glare, too, but it's not glare. It's exactly what you said, it's starbursts, halos and ghosted images caused by HOAs. HOAs are masked by small pupils because small pupils don't allow light to pass through the untreated peripheral cornea.

There's another kind of "glare" that is induced by LASIK that is not pupil-size dependent and not caused by refractive error, and that's the daysparkles that so many of us see in the presence of true glare.

Another term that is misused by refractive surgeons is "haze" when describing visual quality. (Hey Bill, you need to add that to your Schallhorn thread).

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