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 Post subject: Glenn Hagele's attacks on injured patients
PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:30 pm 

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CyberAssassin Glenn Hagele of CRSQA/USAEyes operates a hate site that
he uses to harass and intimidate injured LASIK patients.

Glenn Hagele harasses injured LASIK patients at home and at work and
uses the internet to threaten and defame them.

He threatened to publish their personal information, including social
security numbers, exposing them to identity theft. Some patients were
forced to file fraud alerts with the credit bureaus because he
threatened to publish their social security numbers.

He contacts their employers, trying to cause problems for them at work.

He calls the female patients at home and hangs up the phone to scare

He published the name of one injured patients 77-year old mother.

He called two injured female patients whores (he said it rhymes with
boars) and defamed them by falsely accusing them of taking LASIK
industry advertising money.

He threatened to publish a female patient's divorce records, family
dispute with a neighbor, and her business records.

He invades their privacy. He hires investigators to "investigate" them.

He stated in an email that he would cause their demise.

He sent a document which had been altered with the name and employer of an injured LASIK patient to an ASCRS official, resulting in ASCRS
contacting the patient's employer in an attempt to cause problems for
her at work.

Patients have reported him to the FBI, FTC, and local law enforcement

Glenn Hagele stated he "needed" these injured LASIK patients to make
defamatory comments about him and his bogus organization, CRSQA/USAEyes so he could take legal action:

Glenn Hagele:
"******, ******, *****, and ***** have all defamed me or doctors I have worked with, but for some of the worst defamation the time to act had expired. I needed them to raise it again or act anew."

When former CRSQA Chairman, Dan Durrie, learned of Glenn Hagele's plans to attack injured LASIK patients, he stated, "Glenn has not been
representing the board in his legal action and has not discussed his
tactics with me. I was very surprised by his e-mail stating his plans
to do so. Due to his comments to do so, I have notified him that I am
resigning from the board. I am only interested in helping patients. -

Here's a sample of what surgeons think of Glenn Hagele and his bogus

Dr. Barrie Soloway:
"In one sense, any layperson can go out and set up an organization
similar to what Hagele has done. There is no way to prevent an
organization from simply being a rubber stamp, 'Good Housekeeping
Seal of Approval' for payment."
Source: http://www.eyeworld.org/article.php?sid=286

Dr. Richard Lindstrom:
"Glenn seems to see himself as a white night crusading for Laski (sic)
and his dissatisfied patient enemies wish to destroy the operation
entirely. We cannot win by getting involved. There are not at this
time reasonable people on either side. What you read here is just a
paragraph in a thick book of similar accusations and counteraccusations
including active litigation. ***** ****** is not ASCRS friend, nor at
the moment is Glen Hagele. None of this is good for the field or ASCRS. Stay as far away as you can."
Source: http://www.lasikfraud.com/news/archives/000164.html

Dr. William Trattler:
"First - there is absolutely no relationship between myself and Glenn
Hagle or CRSQA. I am a refractive surgeon, and I have no interest in
being CRSQA certified. CRSQA certification is a waste of money, and
there is nothing that suggests that there is any difference between a
surgeon who has CRSQA certfication or not."
Source: http://lasikflap.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21

What does Glenn Hagele think of real LASIK patient advocacy

Glenn Hagele:
"I equate SurgicalEyes to a ant on the ass of a cow I pass by going 50
in my sports car."

How does Glenn Hagele really feel about injured LASIK patients?

Glenn Hagele:

"Next time you are going to spread your bovine fertilizer here or
anywhere, think about the white cane that YOU DO NOT USE and think
about the people who you insult by claiming some sort of righteous
indignation because you made a bad decision in your life. Not only have
you demonstrated time and again that you don't have the emotional
ability to handle your own problems without vomiting your neurosis on
the rest of the world, you have the unmitigated gall to tell people who
have real problems that you have a "shattered" life. I, for one, have
had enough of you. Take your sniveling whining to SurgicalEyes where it
is appreciated and leave the rest of the sane world out of your
self-perpetuated gloom."

Glenn Hagele's madness, in his own words:

"There is a lot of method to my madness, but it all comes down to
Divide and Conquer."

Glenn Hagele is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not trust anyone whose
bread gets buttered by the LASIK industry.

For more information about the fake patient advocate Glenn Hagele of
CRSQA/USAEyes, visit www.usaeyes.us

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