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 Post subject: Lasik ruined Kevin's eyes! He sees 9 ghosts!
PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 7:34 am 

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Key notes:

1. The chart above is roughly how I see a vision chart - or how I see everything, essentially: many multiple images ("ghosts"), especially apparent in high contrast situations. Like: driving, reading, watching movies - stuff like that.

2. my corrected vision will NEVER be close to the quality of my corrected vision prior to the surgery.

3. Because I could still "read the 20/40 line uncorrected in at least one eye", which is how they define "success".

4. The fact that I see 9 images in my right eye and 7 images in my left eye doesn't matter a whit to these guys - as long as I can somehow read one of them!

5. I had LASIK surgery with a popular southbay surgeon in 2000. I was a PERFECT candidate: 6.5 diopters in left eye and around 7.0 diopters in the right, with a bit of astigmatism. I had and still have small pupils (important for proper night seeing due to the ablation zone of the laser). I have great and copious tears and tearing, which is required for LASIK. Yet my eyes still got ruined!

6. Over the years, in addition to the ghost images, my vision has regressed to 2 diopters in the right eye and around 3 in the left

7. In addition, the LASIK has permenently reduced my contrast sensitivity (it does this to EVERYONE, be sure to read that fine print in your contract), and worse like most LASIK patients I have constantly dry eyes and need to carry vials of artificial tears all the time.

8. While the industry uses their cooked numbers to cite positive outcomes as high as 90 percent, some of the groups of LASIK survivors and the surgeons who help them claim the percentage of 25 percent of negative outcome people.

9. Many have had experiences like mine. Some have had very bad experiences where their vision has been so damaged that they cannot work or read or use the computer or watch TV or a movie.

10. LASIK ruined my vision, permanently.

Another story:

So, this one of the few cases where my paranoia paid off, but I know someone like you Kevin, my older sister also has terrible "ghost" images post-lasik, so I was warned. I had one eye done successfully and I will never get the other eye done.

I can see how much my night vision, for example, has suffered. Plus, there are other drawbacks. I assume most people who get both eyes done can't remember how much better certain aspects of their sight were before. If you *really* want lasik, do one eye at a time! Evaluate the results in one eye first. What harm can there by in being more careful with your vision? - S

My comments: If she saw how bad lasik was and the damage it did on her older sister, why did she have to get lasik and ruin her eye(s) too? Why didnt she just buy a nice pair of glasses that goes well with her pretty face?


Lasik damages every eye! Lasik induces more aberrations, even so called "wavefront!" Stick to glasses!

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