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 Post subject: Website - Patient's vision damaged by Robert K. Maloney
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:11 pm 

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Here is a link and excerpt from a LASIK patient's website. This patient claims that her eye was damaged by Dr. Robert K. Maloney, MD and she has filed a medical maplractice lawsuit against Dr. Robert K. Maloney.

She also claims she was double carded by Dr. Robert K. Maloney for a then non-FDA approved procedure without her consent, and was a guinea pig in a study without her consent.

Should you trust LASIK surgeon Dr. Robert K. Maloney, MD?


This page will document my journey as I considered LASIK surgery, met Dr. Robert Maloney, and finally proceeded with have LASIK surgery performed by him. I am having a friend type it for me, because I am unable to read for more than a minute or two without developing a severe headache.
Because of my concern about possible complications, I only consented to have one eye operated upon, which turned out to be a very good decision! The blade cut left chunks of metal in my eye. The result was not good, and I returned to Dr. Maloney for a second LASIK procedure. Epithelial ingrowth resulted (where surface cells grow up under the flap if it is not tightly adhered all around the periphery after surgery) and I had to have a third surgery to remove it.

As a result of contacting other patients in the Los Angeles area with LASIK complications, I discovered that I had been double-carded in Dr. Robert Maloney's office. From the USAEyes.org website:

"Double carding is a controversial and possibly illegal technique to perform refractive surgery beyond the FDA approved parameters of the excimer lasers." "If you choose to allow your doctor to double card you, understand that this is not in the spirit of the FDA limitations, may be illegal, and certainly is questionable. The attempted correction has not been scrutinized by the FDA and probable outcomes are unknown."

I was extremely upset to discover that this had been done to me. I was double-carded because the Visx laser did not allow Dr. Robert Maloney to enter during the same treatment both the hyperopic correction and the astigmatic correction he was performing upon me. At the very least, I think I had a right to be informed of this plan, and be given the chance to refuse the procedure.

LASIK was not FDA-approved for my prescription at the time of my surgery. In my interactions with Dr. Maloney and his staff, I was adamant that I did not want to be part of any FDA study.

Dr. Robert Maloney was conducting an FDA study of LASIK for hyperopia with astigmatism at the time of my surgery. This is the surgery he performed on me. In my lawsuit I allege that I was enrolled in the study without my knowledge or consent. Dr. Maloney is a clinical investigator for the FDA, and participates in many trials. There are stringent rules to be followed during FDA studies, and one of them is that the procedure under investigation may not be performed on patients who are not enrolled as participants in the study.

Study patients are supposed to be thoroughly counseled with regard to the investigational nature of their planned treatment and the known risks thereof. Study patients are supposed to receive special and lengthy informed consent forms, agreeing to participate in a study and assuming all of the risks of a previously untested procedure. Anything less can be considered human experimentation, and there are international treaties addressing these concerns! Doctors all over the world take oaths that they will not violate the basic human rights of their patients. Obviously, an oath only has as much integrity as the doctor swearing to it.

I received no such counseling, nor the special informed consent forms, from Dr. Robert Maloney nor from his staff. If it is found during Dr. Maloney's jury trial that I was not a study patient, then Dr. Maloney has violated FDA study protocols and should be disciplined appropriately. Based on my experience with Dr. Maloney, I do not believe that Dr. Robert K. Maloney can be trusted to protect the best interest of his patients.

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