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LasikPlus thinks they can get away with false radio ads
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Author:  Bill [ Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  LasikPlus thinks they can get away with false radio ads

LasikPlus has a radio ad that says something along the lines of "Tired of glasses and contacts?"

LasikPlus knows better than to imply that LASIK will eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses in their print ads (because I will quickly scan the ad and email it to the FDA and FTC), so they don't make that claim in print anymore. They must think they are being sneaky by only making such claims in radio ads.

Guess what, LasikPlus? You made the big mistake of making this claim on a radio station that I listen to!

I am corresponding with the FTC today regarding this false and misleading radio ad.

I wonder what kind of fine the FTC might see fit to impose on LasikPlus for making false claims this time. (They are a repeat offender). In my opinion they should just shut them down altogether because they are lying to the public about an elective medical procedure that can result in permanent visual impairment.

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