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 Post subject: Did LASIK at TLC ruin Tiger Woods' career?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:20 am 

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Tiger Woods wasn't even on the map in this week's PGA tournament!

Tiger Woods, a paid spokesperson for TLC eye surgery chains, recently had a second LASIK eye surgery at TLC because his vision had "started slipping".

Sometimes when a post-LASIK patient's vision starts 'slipping' it is a symptom of serious late complications of LASIK that can be made much worse by additional surgery!

Tiger Wood's initial surgery was performed by TLC LASIK surgeon Dr. Mark Whitten, the same surgeon who ruined the vision of Tiger's ex-girlfriend Kashmira Karanjia. Kashmira is so disabled from LASIK performed by Dr. Mark Whitten of TLC, that she can no longer function as a pre-school teacher.

Here is a link to an article about the lawsuit:

http://www.post-gazette.com/healthscien ... lth3p3.asp

Is Tiger Wood's vision after his second LASIK surgery not 'up to par' for the demands of his career as well? Did LASIK eye surgery end Tiger Wood's career?

 Post subject: Tiger Woods - "Enhancement"
PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 6:04 pm 

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Here is the article I wanted to respond to with my opinions regarding Tiger Woods LASIK "Enhancement". READ BELOW THE ARTICLE FOR MY T THOUGHTS....


Woods has second laser eye surgery

Published: May 15, 2007

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(AP) ? Tiger Woods was once so nearsighted he said he would be considered legally blind without glasses or contacts. He had Lasik surgery in October 1999 after the Ryder Cup, won the Disney Classic in his first tournament back and has done fairly well since.

He realized this spring it was time to do it again.

"My vision started slipping," Woods said after The Players Championship. "I was getting headaches from squinting all the time."

He said he had laser surgery for the second time the Monday after the Masters.

"Mine stayed the way it should for ... what is it, eight years now?" Woods said. "That's pretty good."

Just as in 1999, Woods won his first tournament after eye surgery when he captured the Wachovia Championship by two shots. But that's where the similarity ends. His victory at Disney in 1999 was the second of six consecutive PGA Tour victories. Woods tied for 37th last week, his worst finish since missing the cut at the U.S. Open last summer.


It amazes me that he would have an enhancement at all, after knowing what happened to his ex-girlfriend after he had his first lasik... I guess he like many think, well, that's you, it won't happen to me. I can't believe he would even do that again knowing the harm first hand.. The sad thing is and I'm very curious to know,,,, they say he was practically blind without correction before surgery, around -9.00 or so.. SO HOW DOES HE EVEN HAVE ENOUGH TISSUE TO DO AN ENHANCEMENT??? I was more nearsighted than he was, and I don't have even close an amount of tissue left to do surgery again and of course at risk for ectasia due to that; as he may be in the future, as well. I'm guessing he has not learned the real truths or understands about his topographies or how much tissue he has left or the risks of taking more tissue.. I guess he's trapped in having to have lasik? ,, cuz he doesn't want? to wear glasses, and I bet he would be unable to find a great fit for contacts without a lot of time and effort to get fit, plus he probably wouldn't want them in the way while he's playing,, cuz he has such a drop in his pre-op vs. post-op correction, that it would be harder to fit than normal contacts. Its' sad he did it at all, cuz as the article above reads,, he's not playing very well lately.. My guess,,,, since he's having a baby soon,, he will slow down or stop playing,, and he can use the reason for his family for having stopped, and at the same time not have to face the public and the companies who like him making them money cuz he had his lasik there,,, and not have to face the eminent failure and loss of perfect sight he had with contacts before lasik. I certainly hope things go well for him in the future, I REALLY DO,,, but this is just my opinion on this whole thing. I WON'T be surprised if he says he wishes he never had LASIK. It's all very sad, really. AT least, he will not have to worry about how to support his family or take care of himself if he doesn't work again at some point.



 Post subject: tiger
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 6:40 pm 

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Well, obviously he's playing well again now, so there's not much problem a the moment.

But I do think it's alarming that he's apparently had a flap re-lift after all these years. These late re-lifts are more common, but just a year or two ago, the consensus seemed to be against doing re-lifts past a couple of years.

The possibility of ectasia in his case does seem fairly real, given that he was reportedly a -11 myope.

Hard to say...some people do fine with very thin residual stroma, and others develop ectasia with residual thicknesses well above 300um.

No doubt that if he does develop ectasia, it could be a very serious blow to the industry. These days, it seems like the favored technique for -11 cases is a phakic IOL, rather than LASIK, so he's a pretty unlikely figurehead for the technique.

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