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Loss of dim contrast sensitivity after Intralase LASIK
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Author:  Broken Eyes [ Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Loss of dim contrast sensitivity after Intralase LASIK

Contrast Sensitivity After LASIK Flap Creation With a Femtosecond Laser and a Mechanical Microkeratome

Journal of Refractive Surgery Vol. 23 No. 2 February 2007

Robert Mont?s-Mic?, PhD; Antonio Rodr?guez-Galietero, MD, PhD; Jorge L. Ali?, MD, PhD; Alejandro Cervi?o, OD

As shown in the Figure, IntraLASIK revealed a similar pattern in contrast sensitivity both before and after surgery to that found in mechanical LASIK. No differences were found between pre- and postoperative IntraLASIK at any spatial frequency under photopic conditions (P.01). However, under mesopic conditions, differences before and after surgery became significant at the higher spatial frequencies (12 and 18 cpd, P.01 [no grating detection was possible at 18 cpd under 0.1 cd/m2 luminance level]). Lower values of contrast sensitivity were found for both spatial frequencies after IntraLASIK.

However, under mesopic conditions, pre- and postoperative differences became signifi cant at 12 and 18 cpd spatial frequencies, with lower values of contrast sensitivity postoperatively. Considering the results found in the mechanical LASIK group, it may be argued that the reduction in contrast sensitivity after IntraLASIK also comes from the increase in higher order aberrations caused by the myopic laser ablation (the same ablation algorithm was used in both groups). These facts should be kept in mind when advising patients who need optimal spatial vision (ie, visual acuity) under low luminance or night illumination conditions.

Differences between both groups under mesopic levels may be attributed to the increase of higher order aberrations at large pupil diameters.

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